Pass the AUX

Let everyone control the music from their own phones.

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Live shared playlists.

Pass the AUX is the ultimate social music app. Simply create a room, share your room code, and everyone can add songs to the shared playlist. The music will play on everyone’s phone!

Hanging out in the real world? Pass the AUX is the perfect way to let everyone control the music, without the hassle of switching cables or connecting to speakers.

Perfect for parties, road trips, restaurants, and everywhere else the music is bumping. Stop unplugging cables to switch up the playlist. Start passing the AUX.


From kickbacks to ragers, parties are even more hype when everyone is the DJ.

Road Trips

Let the driver worry about driving. Everyone else in the car can handle the music.


Don't know what to play for your customers? Let them choose their own dining tunes.



San Francisco, CA